Buying my Ticket

I headed down to the train station this morning to buy my ticket.

The lady here at the Via office thinks I am a senior.   She is giving me the senior rate.   Do I really look that old?  I know I am having a bad hair day and my home-dyed hair isn’t that wonderful but do I really look like sixty?  Sixty, I can’t believe she thinks I am sixty.    I didn’t want to hurt her feelings or make her feel embarrassed so I said “yep, just about, but not quite.”   Then to make an awkward situation worse she continues in a pushy voice ” Well you must be close, when do you turn 60?”  I gulped and stammered out (forgive me Budda) a white lie to spare her feelings.  I sheepishly said “ I have two years to go” which is a lie but then she stared right at me and said”Really?”  She seemed visibly surprised at that statement.  Well the truth be told I have four more years to go before I hit that magic discount number. Next thing I know she is asking me ” will that be credit card or cash”?  for the full amount.   When will I ever learn to keep my mouth shut.

This trip is coming just at the right time if I am looking that rusty.   Like a friend of mine told me the other night ” You’re a long time dead” so I might as well do it now. I think he’s right. It is time to hit the road maybe it will put the spring back into my step.

At least I got good and cheered up on my way back home over the Blue bridge.   The whistle blew and the gate flung down in front of me stopping me dead in my tracks.  Then the bridge began to lift.   Here was the Tug “Storm Wave” coming though with the cement barge in tow.   Watching him motoring through the uplifted bridge made me forget all about that whole senior business.

There’s nothing like catching a passing tug by surprise that lifts the spirit.  It just makes my day.

2 responses to “Buying my Ticket

  1. Wishing you a great trip! Great to see you this morning as you boarded the train. See the pic here:

    • I do look like a senior! Thanks for coming down to the station. You looked great at 7:45 am in your flashy refective jacket. It was so wonderful to have a send off committee. Thank you.

      ps I just got into Port Hardy. Pissing rain, wind and dark. I can’t wait to see what the place looks like in the morning. Terrible red wine over at the Sushi place. Otherwise, So far so good.

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