The Bank is dry

Gee! Things aren’t starting off too good.   I just stopped in at the bank and the account looks mighty grim.   I’ve been hitting the credit card heavy the past two weeks getting ready.   Now I am wondering what the hell have I’ve done.   I’ve spent far more than I am comfortable with and I haven’t got out the door yet.    

It’s not all money spent on things I need for the trip. Since I’ve lost so much weight over the summer I was in desperate need of new clothes.  I couldn’t put it off any longer since my underwear was literally falling off me as I walked.   I hate shopping.  To me there is not much worse to do with my time

So here I am starting my trip in the morning feeling jittering about my cash supply.   At first I thought it all seemed reasonable but now I feel I am already out of my comfort zone.   My younger more free spirit self says” has faith it will all work out in the end” and my more mature practical self “is saying “what the fuck are you doing old gal”.

PS  My bags weigh a ton.   I walked downtown to check out my bank account with my pack on.  Good thing I did as I nearly had a stroke crossing the street by the bank.   I guess the VIA lady was right I am lacking horsepower in my old age.   I have sketchbook, paints, pens, computer, camera,  adapters, chargers and winter clothes.   I am starting to think to hell with technology. 

Bonus points of the day so far.

I ran into Scotty (Seaspan Captain) by Point Hope on my trudge downtown.   He gave me a sweet gift for my trip – a hard pocket flashlight.   I can use it to punch the eye out of anyone who gives me a bad time along the way.   How thoughtful.  I love my boys. I will miss them

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