“ALL ABOARD” Jasper to Winnipeg

I’ll be boarding the train in a couple of hours moving towards Winnipeg. I can’t wait to be going.  Jasper was nice and all with it’s decorated Xmas lights and frosty weather outside but it’s time to hit the road.  

I was having my lunch  at the Petro Can truck stop and I was watching these truck driving fellows changing a tire at -30.    Odd spot to plant a chair. 

I stayed in the basement of this house.  It was across the streets from the train yard.    At all hours of the day and night  the trains rumbled and shook the house as they lumbered by.   There’s something about being close to a train yard that makes me feel as if all is well in the world.

Jasper’s warm and inviting historic station.

My meal ticket guy.  Gotta be nice to him.

I asked this french lumberjack if I could take his picture.     He was outside enjoying a cigar before we boarded.

I am lugging my bags down towards my waiting silver bullet.

After I pryed the ice out of my eyelashes I stopped for  a moment to watch these hard-working fellows hook up the connections between cars

The boys colours matched the hardware on the connection do- hickeys.

When I was walking around in the cold I’d hear this loud intermittint  hissing sound coming from the a parked locomotive engine.   The noise travelled out across the crisp dry air.

Our Engineer and  once again the” best service” fellow ever.

The boys seemed to be having some trouble loading the frieght. 

Paul along with many new travellers  became my buddies on this part of the journey.   Plus, David and I are still travelling together.   He is now calling me “muffin”.  

The coolest thing in Jasper is the train guy actually calls out “ALL ABOARD” in the deepest sexist voice.   He shouted out and then swings himself in agraceful  bow and opened the doors for us.  So far this is the first time this has happened.  

more stunning sundogs

Stuck on the tracks in Edmonton waiting to back into the station where my poor daughter and granddaughter were waiting and waiting to see me.   They had brought me homemade soup.  We finally made it in 2 hours late.   I spent 5 minutes with them and boarded back on with cold soup but excellent soup.

Went to bed in coach in  Edmonton in a curled fetal position and woke up 6 hours later – still in Edmonton!  There was some kind of mix up with another train and we had to wait for the track to open up.

It’s OK were only 8 hours late.  The engineers are gum booting it across the prairies trying to make up time. No waits in any of the pick-up towns and we are slowly catching up to our schedule.  I don’t want the ride to be over as I will be parting way’s in Winnipeg  with David and my travelling family.

My buddies out having a smoke in Sasatoon. -40.

The prarie crossing stories will have to wait until my energy returns.   There is so much to tell and so little time.  The full moon followed as we crossed Alberta, Saskatchwen, and into Manitoba.   I won’t ever forget the evening before landing in Winnipeg when the sun was setting and the moon was rising at the same time.   The dome car was quiet as we all stared in awe at the transition.   Brillant colour from two glowing balls lighting the landscape.  It warms my soul  thinking about  the whispers I heardcoming   from fellow passengers saying “how blessed they were.”   It truly was a spiritual experince.  

Cross-country skier in the Winnipeg.   He was a hearty fellow with bowed legs and ski poles in hand.

Down by the Forks where the two River rivers meet.   The Red River and Assiniboine.  A Vitimin D day.     First time I’ve had a change to take out the sunglassess.

Did I miss something?   What harbour?

I’d quit and find a differnt job.

Winnipeg’s architecture.

If Winnipeg can have a Blue Bridge why can’t Victoria!

Entertaining me with Blues at the Forks.  See everyone is smiling.

How can you not get on or off the train happy.   Just look at the Winnipeg crew.  

Quote from an email Tim sent me.   What can I say!

Dear Janet:

First off, I want to say how much you made my day–and my evening tonight at work!!!
What a pleasure it was to meet a lovely and VERY talented lady!  It is not often that a lady not only takes my picture, but gives me a hug and kiss in the bargain!!  I truly enjoyed meeting you–for an all too brief time.

I am still  smiling at midnight.  Leaving Winnipeg for Toronto. 

A Via greeter!!  I can tell I like this fellow. Oh Boy here I go again.  

Goodbye Winnipeg – Hello Toronto

I have a whole new family of train people to get to know.

“ALL BOARD”   …   I had to say it as no one  else did.

One response to ““ALL ABOARD” Jasper to Winnipeg

  1. Hi Janet
    I’m really enjoying your trip . Sounds like you are making a ton of friends as usual. Canadian train stations will never be the same. Sort of missed you for about ten days. Thought you must have de-railed somewhere. Take care and keep having a blast!

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