My Inner Canada

My Inner Canada is a pilgrimage I am taking across Canada in winter.  I feel called at this time in my life to travel across the country by ferry, bus and train from Victoria, via the coast of BC to Prince Rupert and then on  to Newfoundland.   It has been a longing in me ever since I can remember.  Not only to see Newfoundland but to really experience the whole country as a whole.  In some sense it is my tribute to Peter Gzowski and CBC Canada who both instilled in me a grand love for this great country.

I chose winter and a longer, tougher route for my trip because I want to get right into the heart of the country and the people.  I feel a need to experience the landscape and history as I travel coast to coast for the next 5 weeks.

It won’t be that easy for me as I am a nervous nelly.  Actually I am an all out worrier who suffers greatly from panic attacks.  Plus, I have some serious health concerns.  To cope with these my plan is to mediate, write and sketch my way though my anxieties.  And to put in practice all the techniques and advice that I have read about in books.  The trip will not only be an outer journey of adventures but it will also be an inner journey of reflections.

I hope that by the end of the line I will be mentally stronger as a person and that I will have learned  and matured from the lessons the trip will teach me.  The time has come for me to hit the trail and see the Canada that Peter Gzowski loved and shared with me as I listened to him every morning on CBC radio.

Please follow me on my 9,153 km adventure.

My name is Janet Etter and I’m an artist.  I live in Victoria and paint the  tugboat and marine life of Victoria’s Inner harbour.  I sometimes refer to myself as an “industrial folk artist.”